A Nucleus Card can exist in a number of statuses: Published, Draft, and Scheduled. Here is a brief explanation of each status:

  • Published: A published Nucleus Card is live on your Nucleus and accessible to the public.
  • Draft: A draft Nucleus Card is not live on your public Nucleus, but is accessible in your Nucleus admin area and can be edited.
  • Scheduled: A scheduled Nucleus Card is not live on your public Nucleus, but will be at a later date according to the time it is scheduled to go live.

Changing the status of a Nucleus Card can be achieved on the main Cards page. Click on the 'Cards' in your navigation menu or by directly following this link: https://nucleus.church/admin/cards.

To immediately change the status of a Nucleus Card, toggle the status dropdown menu.

Within the status dropdown menu, you'll be able to revert a published card back to draft status or immediately publish a card currently scheduled for the future or in draft.

Card statuses can also be changed individually within the Nucleus Card Editor. 

Using the status bar within the Nucleus Card Editor you can schedule a card to publish at a later date, save to or revert to draft status, or publish your Card to the world!

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