Saving a Card in Draft status is especially helpful when a Card is incomplete and isn't ready to be seen by the world.

Instead of publishing a Card live to your public Nucleus, you can save a Card as a Draft. This will save your progress, but will keep your Card hidden from the world until it's time for it to make its grand debut.

To save a Card as a Draft, or to revert a Card back to Draft status, click on the 'Save As Draft' button in the Nucleus Card Editor status bar.

If you Card has yet to be published, this will save the Card as draft for a future publish date. If you Card is already published, this will revert your Card to draft status and remove it from public view on your Nucleus.

You can also quickly changing the status of a Nucleus Card on the main Cards page. Click on the 'Cards' in your navigation menu or by directly following this link:

Within the status dropdown menu, you'll be able to revert a published card back to draft status.

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