Adjusting the order of your Nucleus Cards changes the order they appear on your Nucleus Homepage. The card that appears at the very top will be your Featured Card, while all others will follow sequentially in rows of three, from left to right. This visual guide will show you how to change the order of your cards.

How To Reorder Your Cards

STEP #1: Navigate to Pages by hovering over the 'Web' link and click on 'Homepage'.

STEP #2: Find the card you wish to move and click on the toggle icon (the one with arrows)

STEP #3: While holding onto the toggle icon, drag and drop your Card into its new and preferred order.

Upon reordering a Card, Nucleus will notify you that the Card has been successfully moved.

Any order changes you make in your Cards Dashboard will be immediate reflected on your Nucleus Homepage.

NOTE: If you have a Card set to 'hidden' from your Homepage, the next Card in the order on your Cards Dashboard that is not 'hidden' will be what shows up next in the order on your Homepage.

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