A Nucleus Card can exist in a number of statuses: Published, Draft, Scheduled, and Archived. Here is a brief explanation of each status:

  • Published: A published Nucleus Card is a card that is now live on your Nucleus and accessible to the public. It's stored in your All Cards page and can be added to your Homepage. (Learn more about how to add cards to your Homepage HERE.)
  • Draft: A draft Nucleus Card is not live on your public Nucleus, but is accessible to edit using the Card Builder. 
  • Scheduled: A scheduled Nucleus Card is not live on your Nucleus, but will be at a later date according to the time it is scheduled to go live.
  • Archived: An archived Nucleus Card is not live and not found in your All Cards List. It's only found in your Archived Cards List, and it's a way to soft delete cards.

You can easily identify which cards are saved as a Draft in your All Cards List or Homepage List by their shade of grey. Whereas Scheduled and Published cards will be a lighter grey, drafted cards are a darker grey. 

How To Change Your Card Status

When you first create a card, you can set the status of a card by scrolling to the bottom of the card page. You can save and publish a card immediately, save as a draft or publish at a later time by clicking the publish bar.  

Once a card is added to your All Cards List or Homepage List, you can quickly change the status of your cards by clicking on the status dropdown menu for any card.

Within the status dropdown menu, you'll be able to revert a published card back to draft status or immediately publish a card currently drafted or scheduled for the future.

Unlike setting a Card as Published or Draft, you can only Schedule a card in the Card Builder. To learn more about Scheduling cards, CLICK HERE.

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