Creating and adding a Page to your Nucleus can be achieved on the main All Pages page, found in your Web dropdown menu. 

Click on the Create New Page button in the top right corner.

From there, you'll have the option of choosing between a blank page and a template. A blank page allows you to create a page from scratch, while choosing a template allows you to pick between multiple different pre-made pages, complete with copy and placeholders for you to make as few or as many changes to them as you'd like.

Choosing a Blank Card

Once choosing a blank page, you'll be taken to the Nucleus Page Editor where you can begin adding content to your page.

Selecting a Template

If you select Template, you'll be taken to the grid of possible template options. Click on the one you'd like to start with, and immediately, you'll be taken to the Nucleus Page Editor where you can begin editing the pre-existing content of your page.

Adding a Title

There is no limit on how much content you add to a page, but before you can save your changes, you are required to give your page a title.

Saving Your Changes

Once your page is ready for publishing, there are number of different options to choose from. Scroll down to the bottom of your page to find all your Page's Settings.

You can click Save & Publish, which makes your page live and accessible on the internet. To save your work for later, click on Save Draft. Alternatively, you can choose a custom date for it to be scheduled and published in the future!

For more information on the statuses of pages, click here.

To learn how to add a page/card to your Homepage, click here.

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