If a website is like a house, and the pages on your site are like rooms in a house, we first need to build the rooms before we can decorate them. So let's dive in, get our 2x4's and drywall ready, and get to work! (Kidding - let's just click a few buttons instead 😄)

1. In the top menu, hover over Web and click on Pages.

2. Click on the Create New Page button.

3. Select the Blank Page option. (If you'd like to learn about creating a page using a template, click here.)

We've arrived at the Page Editor! Let's focus on the basics of creating a blank page! 


Just like a room has a name, every page in your Nucleus needs a name.


While the title gives your page a name, the description offers a brief summary of what a visitor will find if they go to this page.

Main Image (Header + Page View)

This image will appear in the header (the top) of your page as well as the card view of your page.

Card View Button Text

When your page is being viewed as a card, there will always be a call to action button that appears. An easy phrase to use is Get Started but choose whatever makes sense for your particular card.

At the bare minimum, we need to add a least a title to create a page, but let's explore the various elements we just reviewed.

1. Type in a name for your title.

2. Type in a description for your page.

3. Click on the blank space to add an image from your local device. (If you're looking for free quality stock images, unsplash.com is a great resource.)

4. In the file browser that opens in your browser, select the image and click Open. You'll see the image populate the previously empty space. There are three options in the bottom right corner of the image. To learn more about the image cropper, click here.

5. Type in a call to action as the button text that will appear when your page is being viewed as a card.

6. Scroll down to your page settings. We'll explore page settings here. For now, let's focus on finishing creating our page.

7. Select either Save & Publish or Save Draft. Publishing your page means it will technically be available for anyone on the world wide web to access your page if they have the correct URL. Saving your page as a draft means only you have direct access to your page. Since there is nothing else on this page, we recommend selecting Save Draft until we add more content to the page.

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