Every Nucleus Card has a number of SEO settings that can be customized within the Card Settings window.

To access Card Settings, simply scroll to the bottom of the card you're hoping to edit.

Upon clicking the gear icon, you'll notice a new set of options appears in the sidebar. Here, you can begin customizing your Card Settings - including a Card's SEO settings.

SEO Page Title

Editing the SEO Page Title field in your Nucleus Card Settings allows you to edit the page's Title Tag. When using a search engine like Google, the Title Tag is the first thing a user sees in the search results (see below). 

The Title Tag is also one of the most important factors for Google to decide what the topic of a page is.

Also of note, the Title Tag will frequently be the words that appear in browser tabs.

Tips For Using The SEO Page Title Field 

  • Be descriptive: For example, if your Card is about kids ministry, put the words "Kids Ministry" in the SEO Page Title
  • Include the word "church" and the name of your city: For example, if your Card is about kids ministry, write your SEO Page Title like this -> Kids Ministry - First Baptist Church Louisville

NOTE: At the bottom of the SEO Page Title field you'll notice a character counter that counts up to 60 characters. It is highly recommended that you keep your SEO Page Title fewer than 60 characters. If your title extends beyond this length, it will be truncated in search results (see below).

SEO Meta Description

Editing the SEO Meta Description field in your Nucleus Card Settings allows you to change the description text that shows up in search results. This is a tag that summarizes the pages content and informs search engines what the page is all about (see below).

NOTE: Similar to the SEO Page Title field, you'll notice a character counter at the bottom of the SEO Meta Description box that counts up to 160 characters. Maximize this space as much as possible, but limit your meta description to less than 160 characters to ensure your result doesn't get truncated in search engine results (see below).

When you're ready to to update your Card and commit these changes, click the 'Save Changes' button at the top of the page.


Follow the best practices listed below for making the best use of your Card SEO titles and meta descriptions:

  1. Use as many of the available characters as possible without exceeding the limit of 60 characters for titles and 160 characters for meta descriptions
  2. Use keywords such as "church" and the name of your city in the description and title to improve SEO
  3. Be descriptive with both your title and description (what is this card about?

For other tips on how to improve your Nucleus' SEO, check out these videos 👇 

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