To add an image block to a Nucleus Page, begin by dragging and dropping the image block onto your Page timeline.

Upon adding an image block to your Page, you'll be presented with an upload screen where you choose which image you want to upload and insert into your Page.

Nucleus will automatically create the correct size for your images and optimize them to look perfect across your site. Not only will images look great wherever they are, they are now served from a new system that dynamically delivers the correct size images based on where they are going to be displayed. This also means now you don't have to worry about compressing or resizing your images before you upload them.


Add a caption to your image by using the caption field in your image card block settings.

Add a direct link to your image. This will make your image clickable and when a user clicks on the image, they will be directed to a URL of your choosing.

By default, when a visitor to your Nucleus clicks on an image with a link, the visitor will visit that link within their existing tab.

If, however, you want to direct the visitor to a new tab upon clicking the image, simply toggle on the setting that reads 'Open link in a new window.'


Adjust the size of your image using the slider. Drag and move the slider until the image is your desired size.


Realign your image to the left, right, or center of your Page using the alignment options.

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