To add a paragraph block to a Nucleus Card, begin by dragging and dropping the paragraph block onto your Card timeline.

Upon adding a paragraph block to your Card, you'll be presented with a text box where you can begin adding paragraph text to your Card.

Beyond that, the paragraph text box offers a number of different available customizations.

Bold & Italics

To add bold or italic styling to paragraph text, begin by highlighting the text you wish to bold or italicize.

Now, click on either the B icon to add bold styling to your highlighted text, or, click on the I icon to italicize your highlighted text.


Realign your text to the left, right, or center of your Card using the alignment options.


Add a direct link to your text. This will make your text clickable and when a user clicks on the text, they will be directed to a URL of your choosing.

Begin by highlighting the text you wish to make linkable.

Now, enter the URL you want your text to link to and click 'Save.'

Bulleted List

While there is no visible option to begin a bulleted list in the paragraph block, this is because Nucleus generates bullet points automatically.

To create a bulleted list, simply type in a dash ("-"), then press Space. Upon doing this, you'll notice your dash automatically transform into a bullet point, now your bulleted list has begun!

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