To add a button block to a Nucleus Card, begin by dragging and dropping the button block onto your Card timeline.

Upon adding a button block to your Card, you'll be presented with the available options for your button content block.

Button Text

Change the call-to-action text on your button using this field. 

Button Link

The most important setting to pay attention to is the Link field. This is the field where you will paste in your button URL.

By default, when a visitor to your Nucleus clicks on button, the visitor will visit that link within their existing tab.

If, however, you want to direct the visitor to a new tab upon clicking the button, simply toggle on the setting that reads 'Open link in a new window.'


Realign your button to the left, right, or center of your Card using the alignment options.

Button Color

Your button will automatically inherit the color of its corresponding Card. Learn how to change your Card color by clicking here.

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