Every form has a settings tab that can be customized within the form building window.

To access form settings, click the Edit Form Settings button in the left sidebar when your form is selected.

Upon clicking Edit Form Settings, you'll see a new set of options appear in the sidebar. Here, you can begin customizing your Form Settings.

Email Notifications

To enable email notifications of a new form submission, simply toggle the switch labeled 'Enable Notification?' and it will turn purple.

Then, enter an email address in the field titled 'Send notification to'. By doing this, you'll ensure that each time this form is submitted, an email notification with the details of the submission will be sent directly to the email address provided. 

To add more than one email address, simply separate multiple emails with a comma and a space.

Confirmation Message

In the third and final field, you can customize a confirmation message that will appear to your users upon a successful form submission. 

Here is how your confirmation message will appear to your users.

To customize your confirmation message, simply add text to the box within your form settings that reads 'Customize confirmation message to user'.

TIP: Have fun with your confirmation message! Use it as an opportunity to put a smile on your user's face :) 

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