From your Submissions page you can browse, read, and export any and all of your form submissions. 

Export All Forms

To export all forms, navigate to your Submissions page, and then simply click the purple button that says Export All. 

Your forms will automatically begin downloading as a .CSV file that you can open in the program of your choice. 

Export Individual/Groups Of Forms

To export an individual or group of forms, simply check the boxes of the forms you'd like to export.

From here, simply click on the 'Export Selected' button to trigger the download of your form submissions you've chosen.

Export Forms By Date

To export forms from a certain date range, click the Select Dates link next to the purple Export button. 

A calendar view will open, and you can specify a date range by selecting a start and end date.

Once you have determined your dates, click the Export All button and only forms submitted between those dates will export and be downloaded to your computer.

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