The Notes content block in Nucleus allows you to create follow-along notes in your Nucleus Pages.

How It Works (For Your Church)

Here's how it looks for your church congregation...

#1: A user follows along with the existing Notes you've created for them AND has the opportunity to add their own notes by clicking the 'Add Notes' link.

#2: Upon clicking 'Add Notes,' a user will be presented with a text box where they can type in their own thoughts and takeaways. 

#3: When the Notes are complete, a user will be prompted to export their Notes via email. They can choose to export 'My Notes Only' or they can export 'My Notes + Original Notes'.

How To Add Notes Content Blocks

To add a Notes block to a Nucleus Page, begin by dragging and dropping the Notes block onto your Page timeline.

Upon adding a notes block to your Page, you'll be presented with a text box where you can begin adding the first paragraph in your notes.

Multiple Notes Blocks In A Single Card

Each Notes block provides just one 'Add Notes' link for your congregation. If you wish to have multiple 'Add Notes' options in a single Page, you'll need to use more than one Notes block in a Card (see below).

Combining Notes Blocks With Paragraph Blocks

Notes content blocks can be combined with Paragraph content blocks. This is useful when you wish to add notes for your congregation to follow along with, but you do not want them to add their own notes for that specific section (see below).

Email My Notes

The last Notes block in your Nucleus Card will have an Email My Notes form appended to the end of it. This form will allow your congregation to send themselves an email of the Notes they've been taking, along with the original Notes you created for them (if they prefer).

The important thing to remember with this, is that the Email My Notes form is only added to the last Notes block in a given Card.

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