The Cards content block in Nucleus allows you to embed Nucleus Cards directly within other Cards.

This is especially helpful when working with hidden Cards and creating sub-Cards.

To add a cards block to a Nucleus Card, begin by dragging and dropping the Cards block onto your Card timeline.

Upon adding a Cards block to your Card, you'll be presented with the available options for your Cards content block in the left sidebar.

To add your first embedded Card, simply click the Add Card button. You may add as few as one and up to three different Nucleus Cards within each individual Cards block.

Your embedded Cards will appear in the order in which you add them.

To select a Card to appear within your Cards block, simply open the drop-down menu and select the Cards you wish to embed.

To add a second or third Card to your Cards block, simply repeat this process.

After selecting the Cards you wish to embed in your Nucleus Cards block, scroll to the bottom and click the Save Changes button.

Below, you'll see an example of how a Cards block (three-wide in this example) will appear within your Nucleus.

Hiding Cards From Public View

Using the Cards Content Block is a great way to create cards but not have them clutter your homepage or navigation menu. When you create a card, by default, if you haven't added a card to your homepage it won't be visible there. If you have a card on your homepage that you'd like to remove but still be active, select that card and click the Remove selected from homepage button.

Success! Now your card is hidden from your homepage, but still active visible in your Cards block you've created.

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