At the bottom of each and every page of your Nucleus, you'll find the Nucleus footer, and within this footer is a number of different fields you can customize with your church's information.

To change your Nucleus footer information, begin by navigating to your Nucleus Settings page while logged in to your Nucleus account.

Then, in the left sidebar, click 'Footer' under the 'Church' section. 

From here, you can customize each of the following sections of footer information detailed below.

The Footer Title is the first line of text that appears in the Nucleus footer. To customize this text, change the verbiage in the field that reads 'Footer Title.'

After the Footer Title comes the Footer Description. To customize this text, change the verbiage in the field that reads 'Footer Description.'

Address, Contact Email/Title & Phone Number

The final sections in your Nucleus footer is your contact information. Here you can fill in your church's physical address, email address, phone number and add a contact title.

Saving Your Changes

Once you've typed in your new footer description in the field provided, scroll to the bottom of your 'Nucleus Settings' page, and click the 'Save Changes' button to commit and save the changes to your Nucleus.

Advanced Edits

Want to take your footer to the next level by adding additional hyperlinks, headings, line breaks and more? CLICK HERE to learn about Markdown.

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