To add a multiple-line form field to a Nucleus Form, begin by dragging and dropping the multiple-line form field onto your Nucleus Form block.

Upon adding a mulitple-line field to your form, click on the heading of your new field, and you'll be presented with a number of different settings/options to further customize your new form element.


The label is the heading given to your form element. This label is important for letting your user know what type of information belong in this particular form field.


A placeholder in your multiple-line form element acts as an example to your user. Essentially, a placeholder is dummy content signifying to your user the type of response you need from them.

Make Required

By toggling the 'Make Required' switch to the 'On' position, you'll ensure that your form cannot be submitted without this form field being filled out.

If a user tries to submit your form without filling out the required form element, they'll be met with an error message letting them know they missed a required field.

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