Starting with a blank canvas can be intimidating. With Nucleus however, we've created a growing group of pre-built Card templates that you can use to create your website in record time.

Each Card template comes equipped with the following:

  • Title and description copy
  • Cover image and color overlay
  • SEO page title & description
  • Button text
  • Permalink
  • Copy, images, forms, and any other element that befits each individual template

To create a Nucleus Card using a template, begin by clicking on the 'Create New Card' button from your All Cards Page.

From here, you'll be presented with two options. You can start with a Blank Card and create a new Card fully from scratch. Or you can start with a pre-made template and then customize your Card from there.

Make your selection and then click the 'Continue' button.

Now you can browse through the growing collection of Nucleus Card templates and choose which template makes the most sense for the Card you're creating.

Each Card template comes with a title and description to offer a brief overview of the Card template's contents. 

NOTE: To see exactly what each template will look like when it's added to your Nucleus, visit our demos here.

Upon selecting the Card template you wish to build upon, click on the 'Finish' button and your new Card template will automatically be added to your Nucleus.

After you've selected which Card template you wish to build upon, you'll be taken to the Nucleus Card editor.

Before publishing your Card to the world, you'll want to customize your new Card's images and text to make sure it matches your church.

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