For maximum flexibility over how your cover image appears in these two very different orientations, use the Nucleus Image Transformer to re-size and crop your Card cover images.

NOTE: Below you'll find the two distinct orientations your cover images will appear in across your Nucleus.

How To Use The Image Transformer

To re-size your cover images, open the Image Transformer by clicking on the frame icon overlayed on your cover image.

Upon opening the Image Transformer, you'll notice two tabs at the top of the modal for both Landscape and Portrait orientation. By default, the Image Transformer opens with the Portrait transformer first.

Position Your Cover Image

There are two ways to adjust the way your cover image appears within Nucleus. The first way is to re-position your image within its frame.

Using the white frame overlay as your guide, click-and-hold the move icon and then drag your cover image into its new, desired position.

Re-Size Your Cover Image

The second way to adjust the way your cover image appears within Nucleus is to change the overall size of the image using the re-size slider.

Using the white frame overlay as your guide, drag the re-size slider to proportionately increase or decrease the overall size of your cover image.

Repeat For Both Portrait & Landscape Mode

Remember, your cover image appears in two different orientations across Nucleus: portrait & landscape.

Once you've re-sized and re-positioned your image to appear how you wish in Portrait mode, make sure to repeat this process for Landscape mode also.

Once you're satisfied with how your cover image will appear across both Portrait and Landscape mode, save your changes by clicking on the 'Crop and Finish' button.

NOTE: Once you've cropped your cover image, you will not see the changes take effect in your dashboard. You will need to preview the card on your Nucleus to see if you need to make any further adjustments.

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