Nucleus integrates with Google Fonts which means you can customize your Nucleus typography by choosing from more than 800+ different fonts. 

Nucleus allows you to customize both your Headings and Body font, which means you can select from more than 640,000 font combinations. (And that's not including the ability to change font weights!)

Let's navigate to our Typography Settings now.

1. In the main menu of your Nucleus Dashboard, click on Settings.

2. You'll immediately be taken to the Branding Settings. In the left sidebar, click on Typography.

3. Here, you'll be able to select both your heading and body fonts. Click on the first field below Headings to reveal the drop down menu.

4. Type a font name or scroll down the list to find the font of your choice. Once you select a name, you will see a preview of that font to the right.

5. Below this, you'll see a new field appear. Click on the field below Font Variant.

6. Select a font weight from the dropdown list. Once you select a font weight, you'll see the preview change accordingly.

Keep in mind...

  • Some fonts won't have any variations and Regular will be the only version available.

7. Repeat Steps 3-6 for the Body font.

8. When you're satisfied with your fonts, click the Save button.

9. To preview your typography changes on your site, click the My Nucleus button. You will immediately be taken to your homepage.

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