Integrating your Nucleus with MailChimp allows you to add email addresses submitted through Nucleus forms directly to email lists in your MailChimp account.

Step #1 - Accessing your MailChimp API key

To setup the Nucleus/MailChimp integration, you'll first need to access/create an API key within your MailChimp account.

Begin by navigating to and login to your MailChimp account. Within your MailChimp dashboard, find the Account tab within the header dropdown menu.

On the MailChimp Account page, find the API keys tab within the Extras dropdown menu.

From here, create an API key if you don't yet have one or copy the API key that already exists.

Step #2 - Adding your MailChimp API key to Nucleus

Upon copying the MailChimp API key, you must paste the key into your Nucleus to complete the integration.

Navigate to your Nucleus Settings page while logged in to your Nucleus account.

Then, in the left sidebar, click 'MailChimp' under the 'Web' section.

From here, find the MailChimp tab and paste your API key into the space provided. Upon completing this step, click the button that reads Save Changes.

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated MailChimp and Nucleus!

Step #3 - Enabling MailChimp integration within Nucleus forms

Now that you've successfully integrated your MailChimp account with your Nucleus, it's time to enable your integration within the Nucleus forms of your choice.

Remember: The MailChimp/Nucleus integration allows you to add email addresses submitted through Nucleus forms directly to email lists in your MailChimp account.

Navigate to the Nucleus form you wish to integrate with MailChimp and click on the Edit Form Settings link.

Within your Nucleus form settings, enable the MailChimp integration for the individual form, and choose the MailChimp list you wish to add your contacts to.

Step #4 - Mapping the fields you wish to send through to MailChimp

The final step to successfully setting up a MailChimp/Nucleus integration is to identify which Nucleus form fields you wish to send through to MailChimp.

Currently, there are four properties that you can send from Nucleus through to MailChimp:

  • Email* (required)

  • First Name (optional)

  • Last Name (optional)

  • Full Name (optional)

The only property that you must map to successfully enable the MailChimp/Nucleus integration is the email property. Without the email property, you will be unable to create a new contact in your MailChimp list

IMPORTANT: Ensure you are using the Email Field within the Nucleus form builder to map the email property.

To map an individual property, simply click into the individual form field in your form and use the MailChimp Property dropdown menu to select which property this individual form field should map to.

Upon mapping the form fields that you wish to send through to MailChimp as properties, click the 'Update' button in the Nucleus Card Editor and your MailChimp/Nucleus integration will be up and running!

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