Every Nucleus comes equipped with a powerful search bar. 

Having a search bar on your website is crucial because it allows visitors to browse on their own terms. And when it comes to user experience, any time you can offer users more control – it's a good thing.

Moreover, in an eye-tracking study recorded by Missouri S&T, the search bar section of a website ranked third when it came to attention earned from users – about 6 seconds on average.

Nucleus Search Bar Location

The Nucleus search bar can be found in the top right corner of every page on desktop and the top left hand corner of every page on mobile.

How It Works

The Nucleus search bar returns search results with every character typed. A user isn't required to actually press a search button - queries are returned instantly with each letter typed.

The Nucleus search engine queries page titles and page descriptions to return search results.

NOTE: Nucleus search operates by searching through page titles and descriptions, so keep this in mind when naming your pages and giving your pages descriptions to include as many keywords as possible to help users find what they're looking for as easy as possible.

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