By using a third-party tool such as Google Analytics, you have the ability to add analytics tracking code to your Nucleus thus giving you the ability to measure data and user information pertaining to your Nucleus.

While we at Nucleus use Google Analytics for our analytics measurement, other Nucleus users have opted to use alternative/additional tools such as Hotjar or FullStory.

By following the walkthrough detailed below, you too can track analytics on your Nucleus!

Step 1 - Copy Your Google Analytics Code

First, navigate to your Google Analytics Admin page

Here, using the Property dropdown tab, click on the option titled 'Create new property.'

Now, fill out the necessary information that Google requests - including your Nucleus URL - and click the button at the bottom of the page that reads 'Get Tracking ID.'

From here, Google Analytics will present you with your unique javascript installation code. Copy this code.

Step 2 - Add Google Analytics Code To Your Nucleus Settings

Now that you've copied your custom Google Analytics installation code, it's time to paste that code into your Nucleus Settings.

Using the Custom Code Injection box found in your Nucleus Settings, paste the copied Google Analytics code into the box provided.

Once you've added your custom code to the field provided, scroll to the bottom of your 'Nucleus Settings' page, and click the 'Update Settings' button to commit and save the changes to your Nucleus.

Congratulations! You have now added Google Analytics tracking functionality to your Nucleus - for free!

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