Nucleus isn't just a website builder - it's meant to be the engine that drives every single next step in your church - that one-stop-shop for everything your congregation and new visitors may need - we call that 'The Central Hub.' You can learn more about that in our Blog.

One innovative way you can do this, is by using Nucleus as a kiosk in your lobby. Through the use of tablets and stands, you can create a series of interactive kiosks setup in your lobby where your church can give, submit prayer requests, register for small groups, signup to volunteer, and take pretty much any and every next step that you could want them to.

You can finally say goodbye to paper signups, no more long hours of data entry throughout the week logging everything into the system, now everything can be captured and stored within your Nucleus.

Step 1 - The Software

The first thing you'll need to do to prepare your Nucleus to be used as a kiosk, is to download an app that will remove the browser navigation from your Nucleus.

Nucleus users have found that the best app for this is called Kiosk Pro App. The Kiosk Pro App comes in four different versions:

  • Kiosk Pro Lite [FREE]

  • Kiosk Pro Basic [$24.99 per device]

  • Kiosk Pro Plus [$49.99 per device]

  • Kiosk Pro Enterprise [$99.99 per device]

See full pricing for Kiosk Pro App by clicking here.

To configure your Nucleus' appearance using the Kiosk Pro App - click here.

NOTE: Looking to save money on the cost of kiosk tablets? Nucleus users have found great success using refurbished iPads. Refurbished iPads cost considerably less than new tablets - AND, because your primary use for these tablets will lobby kiosks, you won't suffer from having an older tablet lacking the newest novelty features.

Step 2 - The Hardware

Now that your Nucleus is up and running on your tablet, it's time to find the right stand/kiosk hardware to allow you to setup your Nucleus in your lobby.

Option #1 - Lamicall Tablet Stand [$20]

The Lamicall Tablet Stand is the best option for your church if you're looking for the most affordable option.

Each stand costs just about $20. The stand itself is sleek and elegant. But it also doesn't come with any of the frills of a more robust kiosk/stand setup.

Option #2 - Mount-It! Kiosk Tablet Holder [$60]

The kiosk setups from Mount-It!, while more expensive, have more features and available setups.

Mount-It! kiosk setups comes available in black and white. Table-top options, wall-mounted options, and free-standing kiosks are each available. 

The Mount-It! kiosk setups also come with anti-theft features and the ability to cover up the home button on tablets.

Bonus - Tips & Tricks

Success! Using the hardware and software recommendations in this help article, you have everything you need to configure a Nucleus kiosk in your lobby.

But before you get started, take a look at the tips & tricks listed below. These suggestions come from real Nucleus users that have successfully integrated lobby kiosks powered by Nucleus.

  1. "Use an older person to man the station - then other old people don’t feel like it’s just for the kids." - Adam

  2. "We send out a 'What’s Happening' note to all our volunteers serving that week. In it we remind them to have our Nucleus saved and ready on their phone to help people on a Sunday - along with a list of announcements so volunteers are prepped on what next steps to expect." - Jason

  3. "Call your kiosk the name of the URL plus kiosk [Example: The Kiosk] to ingrain the domain name in your church’s mind so they never forget it." - Adam

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