With the Nucleus Sermon Engine, you can now create playlists for your sermons. Curate playlists by series, topic, popularity or anything else your little heart desires! Let's get started 👊

To create a new playlist, click Add New from the Playlists panel on the left side of the screen.

Title and Description

Create a Title and Description for your playlist to give your users an idea of the type of content in your playlist.

Header Image

Upload an image of any file type that is 4mb or less. We recommend uploading images that measure 2800x1575 pixels or larger 👌

NOTE: If your image is larger than 4mb, use a free online image compressor like https://tinypng.com/ or https://tinyjpg.com/ to shrink the overall size of your image. By limiting the allowable size of image files in your Nucleus, we can keep the site speed of your Nucleus faster and thus improve usability as well as search engine friendliness.

Finally, don't forget to save your changes!

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