Where do I find my Sermon Engine?

Your Sermon Engine's automatically assigned URL is yourdomain.com/media.

How can I add my Sermon Engine to my Nucleus Website?

You can easily access your Sermon Engine through a card or item in your navigation menu by following this visual guide.

Can I use a custom domain?

You've got that right! If you don't want your Sermon Engine hosted at yourdomain.com/media, you can assign any domain to it that you already own. 

Can I upload audio to my Sermon Engine?

Absolutely! You can upload audio files to be hosted directly on your Sermon Engine. You can upload .mp3 or .m4a files that are 500mb or less.

Can I upload video to my Sermon Engine?

The Nucleus Sermon Engine doesn't host videos, but you can link from external hosts like YouTube and Vimeo. Hosting videos directly on your Sermon Engine could slow it down, and your videos are likely hosted elsewhere anyways.

Can I create playlists for sermon series?

Of course you can! You can create playlists by series, speaker, popularity, or any other genre that your little heart desires. Here's how!

Can I create custom tags for each sermon?

You're darn right you can. Create tags for speaker, subject, series, or anything else so your users can filter through all of your sermons quickly and easily. 

Does the Sermon Engine replace my podcast?

The Nucleus Sermon Engine can use your audio files and generate an RSS feed for you. Just like other syndication services, this RSS feed can be pasted into your host of choice and used to populate your show. 

What about my subscribers?

If you have an existing podcast with subscribed users, no need to worry. Simply replace your former RSS link with your new one that your Sermon Engine generated, and you won't lose a single soul. If you'd like to continue reading, click here. 

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