Your Nucleus homepage is often the first page a visitor is going to land on when they visit your website. It's your home base, your sweet spot, and where you want to showcase your most important cards.

When you've created and published a page in Nucleus, it's default is not to be shown on your homepage. Most sites have dozens of pages, but they don't all need to be shown on your homepage. In fact, we recommend only using 10 cards on your homepage!

Every page you've created whether it's drafted, scheduled, or published, can be found in your All Pages List.

How To Add A Card To Your Homepage

To add a card to your homepage, hover over web in the top left hand corner and click homepage.

If your homepage is empty and you haven't added any cards, click "Add Cards to Homepage" in the upper right corner.

From the drop-down you can either select cards individually or simply start typing to search for any card in your All Pages List!

Select one, two, or as many more as your heart desires and click "Add Cards". Voila! Now you have cards on your homepage. You can now drag your cards to reorder how they appear on your Nucleus. Keep in mind, the first card in your list will display as a featured card on your homepage. You can use that to your advantage if you're promoting an event, a giving fund, or your I'm New card to welcome first time visitors!

In addition to seeing the Title of each card, you can also see its status. Cards can be published, scheduled to publish at a later later date, or even in draft mode. Click here to learn more about card statuses.

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