Ever want to expand your footer to include more information, more details, and more hyperlinks, but are unsure how to? Introducing Markdown, an easy way to do all this and more! 🙌

(We cover all basic footer edits in THIS VISUAL GUIDE, while this article will give you more skills to take your footer to the next level.)

What Is Markdown?

Markdown is a very basic and easy way to make subtle (but powerful) changes to text. Think of yourself as a coder, but without needing to have a PhD in the World Wide Web. 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Want to add a link? Done. ✅

Want to bold or italicize text? Easy. ✅

Want to add a line break? You got it. ✅

And to make it as easy as possible, we've included a cheat sheet with all the Markdown code you'll need. 📝

Alright, let's get to it! To change your Nucleus footer information, begin by navigating to your Nucleus Settings page while logged in to your Nucleus account.

Then, in the left sidebar, click 'Footer' under the 'Church' section. 

From here, you can add Markdown to the description field of your footer. (Markdown only works in the Footer Description field.) The left column in the following cheat sheet gives examples of what you can type in the description field. The right column shows what will appear in your footer.

Markdown Cheat Sheet

These are the most typical uses of Markdown code. To see a larger list, CLICK HERE.

Saving Your Changes

Once you've typed in your new footer description in the fields provided, scroll to the bottom of your 'Nucleus Settings' page, and click 'Save Changes' button to commit and save the changes to your Nucleus.

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