Looking for a master list of all of your cards? We've got a place for that! Whether you have 1, 2, 5, or 500 cards, the All Cards List is where they'll be stored.

With the exception of archived cards, every other card you've created will be found here. Whether your card is published, scheduled, or just a draft, this is where it lives!

Creating A New Card

This is where you'll want to create all new cards from. To create a card, simply click the purple "Create New Card" button.  To learn more about what to do next with a new card, click here.

Once you've created some cards, you'll see them all here in this list!

Maybe you're a legend and you have not tens, not dozens, but hundreds of cards. How are you going to find the one you're looking for? 😱

Now you can simply start typing in the search field and search for any card by name! How easy is that?!

If you want to sort your entire cards list by different categorizations, there's a way to do that too 👇


You can now sort your cards in various ways!

Card Name

Click the "Card Name" label to sort your cards alphabetically. Clicking it again will reverse the order to Z-A.

Date Created

Date created is the default view, so by default you'll always see the most recently created card first. To reverse that order, click the "Date Created" label.

Last Modified

Similar to Date Created, you can also sort by how recently you modified it. To reverse the order? You guessed it - click the label.


Cards in the All Cards List can have one of three statuses: published, scheduled, and draft. Click the "Status" label to toggle sorting by status.

Color Coding

You'll also notice that some cards are different shades of grey than others in the All Cards List. Scheduled and Published cards (ie. cards that are live or will be live) are the same light grey color. Cards that are Drafted are a darker gray, making it easier for you to identify which cards are live and which ones aren't. 

Archiving A Card

Once a card has run its course, it's time to put it to rest. Maybe it's your Christmas card or the last women's event you held. Instead of hard deleting cards and banishing them to the dark abyss, you can now archive cards.

To archive a card, it's no more complicated than selecting one or more cards to archive, and then clicking the "archive selected" button. 

Once a card is archived, it'll be put to rest (but not sent out to the trash!). This will ensure that you never delete a card by accident again, and will also give you the opportunity to raise a card from the dead! Want to use last year's Easter card as a framework for this year? Simply restore that card from the Archived List and it'll get imported back into your All Cards List.

Of course, if your heart is set on sending a card into eternal glory, there's a button for that. Take a deep breath, say a prayer, and smash the delete button. Poof! That card is gone forever (don't say we didn't warn you!) 🙏

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