Whenever you receive a new submission, you will receive a notification in your Nucleus Dashboard, with the number of new submissions beside Web in your Dashboard menu.

To access your new notifications, hover over Web and select Submissions.

Any form with new submissions will appear with a notification beside them.

To see new notifications in a form, simply click on the form title in the left sidebar.

All new submissions will appear in white, while older submissions will appear in light grey.

There are two ways to clear your submission notifications:

1. You can enter each submission individually. Simply click on the name of the submission to view all its details.

Immediately, the notification disappears beside the form title. To go back to the rest of the submissions of that form, simply click the 'back to submissions arrow.'

2. You can clear multiple notifications at once. Simply click on the checkboxes beside each new submission, or select the checkbox beside Name to select all submissions.

Then, select Mark as Read. Similarly, if you wish to delete or mark as unread, those options exist there as well.

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