Believe it or not, your website is your church’s most important marketing tool. Every single day people in your community are searching for a church. But instead of checking out your service, they’re first checking out your website.

Your church’s website is the frontline for your entire ministry. It’s your most important marketing tool, and it’s where first impressions are formed. Your presence online matters more today than it ever has, so here's a few of our favorite sites powered by Nucleus we think make great first impressions on visitors!

Embrace Church

Embrace is a large, multi site church using one central location for every next step. They've done a great job of creating a place where anyone from any location can take any next step in their life with Jesus. Click on the Where & When tab in the navigation menu to see how they're making use of the cards content block! This Nucleus has been heavily modified using Custom CSS Code. To learn more about Custom CSS click here.

Calvary Longview

Calvary Longview has done a great job facilitating next steps at their church using their website. Their Next Steps page includes everything you need to know about taking a next step, and then every way you can take that step. They also use our giving platform RebelGive for their giving which you can see in the bottom right hand corner in the form of a giving trigger.

Legacy Church

Legacy Church has used the light theme on their site to really allow the color palette of their cards pop. We love the clean & vibrant look of their homepage. Also, check out that live chat widget! Click here to learn more about that live chat widget specifically.

New Life Ministries

New Life Ministries is a great example of using translation tool add-ons to have a Nucleus work in multiple languages. In the bottom right hand corner is a translation tool called Weglot which allows you to translate your Nucleus into another language instantaneously. Combined with some great branding and color choices, we think this is a great Nucleus to showcase here.

Life Abundant Niagara

Life Abundant is one of our favorite looking Nucleus sites. They've washed all of their cards with their strong teal brand color, but what really stands out on this site is the header image. A thoughtfully crafted collage of faces of real people from Life Abundant give any visitor a good look into this community. They also have both a giving trigger and live chat widget on the homepage on opposite corners.

WestSide Lutheran

WestSide Lutheran is a really great all around Nucleus that we want to show off. Nothing super fancy or specific that stands out but a fantastic example of a well oiled and functioning Nucleus that is easy to navigate.

Elim Young Adults

We love Elim YA for multiple reasons, our two biggest ones being that:

  1. It's an entire Nucleus dedicated to a specific ministry. While most churches will use Nucleus to present all their various programs, platforms, and ministries, Elim YA has taken it one step further and created an entire Nucleus for themselves.

  2. They've taken a creative approach to one of their connection cards, Moving to Saskatoon? Instead of using all the content elements available in the Card Editor, they've chosen to create various graphics and upload them to individual Image Content Blocks, giving it a unique look and feel.

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