Nucleus provides three distinct theme options: 1. Dark, 2. Light, 3. Custom. We'll focus on Custom Theme options in this article. For information on Light and Dark Themes, click here.

To start creating your Custom Theme, simply go to your Nucleus Settings and select Theme. Or click here.

The first time visiting your Custom Theme, all colors will correspond with the Dark Theme color palette. (For more information on Dark and Light Theme color palettes, click here.)

Before you customize anything, here are some best practices to keep your Nucleus looking professional, inviting, and making a good first impression:

  • Use the brand colors found in your church's brand/style guide. If you don't have a guide, use the primary and secondary colors of your church's logo.
  • Select one color to use for your navigation and only use shades of that color for each background option. For instance, you could select a dark color for Navigation Background 1, and then choose lighter and lighter shades as you customize Backgrounds 2-4. Or you could select a light color for Navigation 1, and then choose darker and darker shades instead.
  • For the Card Body Backgrounds (there are only two), use shades of the same color.
  • Ensure there is a large contrast between the text color and the background color upon which the text lives. (i.e. If the background is light, make sure the text is dark. If the background is dark, make sure the text is light.)

There are four areas of your Nucleus you can customize. To change a color, you can simply type in a new color hex code, or click on the circle beside the hex code and select a color using the palette panel that appears.

1. Homepage

Header Background: Background/overlay color of the homepage header.
Header Text: Color of the homepage title text, search and menu icons.
Body Background: Background color of the homepage body (behind the cards).

2. Footer

Footer Background: Background color of the site footer.
Footer Text: Color of the site footer text.

3. Cards/Pages

Card Primary: Color of card header background/overlay, section headings, buttons and links. You can override this color individually in each card's settings.
Card Header Text: Color of card title text, search, and menu icons.
Card Body Background 1: Background color of card body (behind the main content).
Card Body Background 2: Background color of form inputs and content of linked/embedded cards.
Card Body Text: Color of all card paragraphs, labels, and other content.

4. Navigation

Navigation Background 1: Background color of the navigation bar and search/mobile menu overlays.
Navigation Background 2: Background color of navigation dropdown panels.
Navigation Background 3: Background color top level active/hovered menu items and navigation dropdown panels.
Navigation Background 4: Background color of active/hovered dropdown panel menu items.
Navigation Text: Color of menu items text.

Important Note: If you have the Sermon Engine enabled, the changes you make to your Custom Theme will also apply there.


If you have any questions, feel free to click that chat button and start a conversation with us. We're here to help!

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