Before you syndicate your RSS feed to various podcast directories, you need to ensure you have at least one media item added to your podcast. Your RSS feed will not be accepted in any directory if it is completely empty, having no information to feed the directory.

Check Your Media Library

The first thing you'll want to do is double check that you have an audio media item in your library. You can check your library in your All Media Settings. If you don't have any items, it will look like this 👇 

If that's you, you'll want to add an audio media item. You can do so by clicking on the Add New tab in your Media Settings. For a full overview on the process of uploading an audio file and adding it to your library, click here.

If you have media items in your library, check under the Type column to make sure you have at least one audio file.

If you only have video items, you'll need to go back and add an audio media item to your library before continuing.

Enable Podcasting To Your Audio Items

Just because you have audio media items uploaded to your Sermon Engine doesn't automatically mean they've been added to your podcast. You can enable audio media items to your podcast manually by going into each individual item's settings.

Scroll down to the bottom, below the album artwork. Simply toggle the Add To Podcast switch to the On position (as shown in the image below) 👇 

Make sure to hit the Save & Publish button!

Next Step

Now that you've ensured you have at least one audio media item added to your podcast, and that you've already enabled your podcast and generated your RSS feed, you're ready to share your content to the rest of the world!

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