With Nucleus Giving, you have the ability to manage the pages and cards where your Giving Trigger displays. We recommend leaving it enabled everywhere so it’s easy for people to find, but if you’d like more granular control over where it displays, you can do that as well. 

For reference, a Giving Trigger is the circular button normally placed on the bottom right corner of your screen. This Trigger, powered by RebelGive will make it easy for anyone at your church to give from all or specific pages on your site.

Editing Page Controls

  1. From your Nucleus account, click the Giving button on the top menu bar, then select Page Controls from the dropdown. 

  2. You can either choose to show your Giving Trigger on every page or only on specific pages. 

  3. By selecting Every Page option, you can choose to exclude specific pages by clicking the Exclude Pages button and selecting certain pages. (This option is best when you have many pages on your site and only want to exclude a small number of pages.)
    By selecting the Specific Pages option, you can choose to only add certain pages by clicking the Add Pages button. (This option is best when there are only a certain few pages you want to show the trigger.)

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