Congratulations! If you're just making your way to our Help Center for the first time, welcome! I'm Ryland, and I'll be your tour guide as you start your journey to create your Nucleus 👨‍🏫

Every time you login to your Nucleus, you'll start at your Home Screen. It should look something like this 👇

Your Home Screen allows you to have direct access to all the important components of your Nucleus. Let's take a look at each section briefly... 👀

In the first section of your Home Screen (under Welcome to Nucleus), you'll see all your active apps that you can easily jump into just by clicking on the app rectangle.

In the section below your active apps, you'll see apps that you can add to your Nucleus.

Click on an available app to add to your Nucleus to learn more about that specific product.

In the top right corner of your Home Screen, you'll always be caught up with the latest update.

Our developers are continuously creating new features and improving the platform, so be sure to check in here for the latest news and releases.

Below this, you'll have easy and direct access to our various help resources:

  1. The Nucleus Blog: The ultimate guide to learn how to maximize your Nucleus 📚

  2. Pro Church Tools: Hundreds of free articles, videos, and podcasts to help you seize the 167 hours outside of your weekly church service 💪

  3. Visual Guides & Walkthroughs: Hundreds of articles to help walk you through creating your Nucleus 🗺

  4. Live Chat: Real humans to talk with Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST 📞

Now that you've explored the Home Screen a bit, it's time for you to dive into one of your active apps. To see a general overview of getting started with each app, check out some of these articles:

  • Setting Up Your Nucleus Web - An overview of your Nucleus Settings, with 6 steps to start building your Nucleus.

  • Setting Up Your Nucleus Sermons - An overview of your Nucleus Sermons, with 4 steps to start populating your sermon archive. (Article coming soon...)

  • Browsing & Downloading Social Media Posts/Stories - Explore the Nucleus Social Program, browse through each month's package, and download videos to upload to your social media.

  • Welcome To RebelGive! - Learn about what powers Nucleus Giving, about RebelGive's philosophy, and how we can help your church receive 100% of all online donations that come your way.

  • Browsing & Downloading Stock Video Footage - Explore Nucleus Media's Library of stock footage, search and download clips, and learn how to view previously downloaded ones.

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