Wondering what Nucleus Media is all about? Well you've come to the right place! Previously known as Storytape, Nucleus Media is a vast library of stock video footage. More importantly, with Nucleus Media you can:

  • Access 20,000+ 4K stock footage clips with immediate, unlimited downloads

  • Discover clips shot specifically with churches in mind

  • Upgrade your church videos with professional footage

As stock video footage became popular, platforms who had a monopoly on the market were able to overcharge every single clip in their library. Put simply, churches were overpaying for individual stock video clips and forced you to:

  • Endlessly sort through corporate stock footage trying to find a clip that will work for your church

  • Limit the scope of your church’s next video project because you don’t have the right gear, budget, or location access

  • Not create videos for your church at all because you don’t have the team or resources needed to capture the right shots

With Nucleus Media, all of that is changed. Now, you can have unlimited 4K stock video downloads at your fingertips:

  • Every scene and clip shot specifically with churches in mind

  • Effortlessly browse an ever-expanding library of more than 20,000+ clips

  • No more sorting through piles of unusable stock footage - choose the right angle from intelligently grouped scenes to tell the perfect story

The best part? You can browse Nucleus Media for free without even having a subscription! So dive in and take a look at our expansive library of video clips to see what Nucleus Media has to offer 👇 

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