If you're like most churches, you don't have extended periods of time dedicated to posting on online to social media platforms. Thankfully, Nucleus Social exists to provide you with everything you need to simply upload to the platforms of your choice, and you can focus on engaging your audience. Most importantly, with Nucleus Social:

  • Discover social media content proven to boost engagement

  • Move beyond posting just to post (that’s no strategy at all)

  • Never worry again about keeping up with the latest design trends or algorithm updates

Put simply, most churches simply struggle to keep up with social media, and when they do, they tend to fall under these traps:

  • Mostly use social to make announcements and promote in-person events and services

  • Constantly look at what other churches are doing trying to find inspiration

  • Endlessly tread water online without a concrete strategy

With Nucleus Social, you can have daily, done-for-you social media posts and strategies at your fingertips:

  • A posting strategy proven to start conversations and provoke spiritual practice

  • Using social *for* ministry - not simply to promote other ministries

  • Unlimited customizations performed by us upon request to make each post uniquely yours

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dive right into your Dashboard by clicking on the button below 👇 


  • If you're currently on the Nucleus Free Trial and haven't put in your payment information - or if you're on a legacy plan that doesn't include Nucleus Social - you won't see any posts when you click on the button above. To test out what Nucleus Social has to offer, click here instead.

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