Need a change to one of the social media posts you receive? We’ve got you covered. In fact, you’ll be able to request unlimited text and video changes for every social media post you receive from us!

While viewing an individual social media post, scroll down to the bottom of the post's details. (To learn how to access an individual post, click here.)

Below is an image of the small form you will see to submit a customization request.


  • Unlimited customizations are not included in the typical Nucleus subscription. If you don't see the above image, you likely don't have unlimited customizations activated on your account. If you would like to unlock the powers of unlimited customizations, drop us a line and we'll be happy to upgrade your subscription for you!

1. Type a description of what you would like to change in the post. Make sure to be specific enough to minimize any confusion.

2. Choose whether you would like both the video and image edited, just the video, or only the image.

3. Click the Send Request button.

Keep in mind...

  • Because of the volume of customizations we receive, please allow 15 business days between when you submit a request and when you receive your customized post.
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