If you're on a Nucleus trial, you'll have access to a trial bundle of Nucleus Media video clips. This allows you to preview 30 unique clips, giving you a good feel for what you can download from the Nucleus Media Library, once you've inputted your subscription payment information (which you can do here).

Before learning how to access your Free Trial Bundle, let's review an important definition...


Clips are individual footage files, generally 20 seconds in length. A clip may be 1080p graded, 4K graded, or 4K ungraded. These video clips are meant to be downloaded and used for your various video projects.

1. To access the Free Trial Bundle, from the main menu in your Nucleus Dashboard, hover over Media and click on Downloaded.

2. In the left sidebar, click on Free Trial Bundle.

Now that you've accessed the Free Trial Bundle, you should see a list of 30 unique video clips.

Above the list of clips, you can search for an individual clips within the Free Trial Bundle. Here, you can search for any part of a title or scene to look for an individual clip.


The Title column displays the full name of each clip. Each name will be a descriptor of what the clip entails. If you would like to preview what the clip looks like, you can click the name of the title or the Preview option to the right of the clip's details.


Each clip is contained within a Scene, a folder of video clips. Generally, these clips are filmed at the same time, within the same context, so they will be similar to one another.

Because this is just a list of clips, you may wish to view the clip before committing to downloading them. In this case you can click on the Title of the clip or click the Preview option.

This will take you to the preview screen of that particular clip. The preview will run in a continuous loop with the Nucleus watermark overtop.

To learn more about how to navigate through the Nucleus Media Library, click here. For now, let's focus on downloading a clip.

Keep in mind...

  • You can also view the entire scene that the individual clip is from by clicking on the Scene of the clip.

If you don't feel the need to preview a clip, you can immediately download it by clicking on the Download option. Once selected, you should see the file begin to download to your device.

Alternatively, if you are previewing a clip and wish to download it, you can do so by clicking the Download button.

To return to your Nucleus Dashboard, simply click the My Dashboard button.

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