When you download clips from the Nucleus Media Library, you can revisit those clips easily through the Downloaded Clips panel. Let's first review an important definition...


Clips are individual footage files, generally 20 seconds in length. A clip may be 1080p graded, 4K graded, or 4K ungraded. These video clips are meant to be downloaded and used for your various video projects.

To access the Downloaded Clips panel, from the main menu in your Nucleus Dashboard, hover over Media and click on Downloaded.

Once you've accessed your Downloaded Clips panel, you'll see all your past downloaded clips.

Keep in mind...

  • If you haven't downloaded any clips before, this list will be empty. You can begin browsing through the Nucleus Media Library by clicking the Start Browsing button. To learn more about browsing through the Library, click here.

Above the list of clips, you can search for an individual clips within the Free Trial Bundle. Here, you can search for any part of a title to look for an individual clip.


The Title column displays the full name of each clip. Each name will be a descriptor of what the clip entails. If you would like to view what the clip looks like, you can click the name of the title or the View option to the right of the clip's details.


Each clip is contained within a Scene, a folder of video clips. Generally, these clips are filmed at the same time, within the same context, so they will be similar to one another.


In this column, you will see when you downloaded the clip. In this example, it was about 20 hours ago.

From time to time, you may wish to re-download a clip in your Downloaded Clips panel. To do that...

1. Click on the title of the clip, or the View option to the right of the Downloaded column.

2. Click on the Download button. Immediately, you should see the file begin to download to your device.

To return to your Downloaded Clips panel, click on My Dashboard.

Keep in mind...

  • This article only covers how to re-download clips from the Nucleus Media Library. To learn more about how to navigate and browse through the entire library, click here.

  • With every Nucleus subscription, you gain access to this library, with unlimited downloads. Because it's unlimited for everyone, there are no licences necessary. Simply find and download your clips as you please. That being said, there are still terms and conditions applicable to the footage and its appropriate uses. To read what those terms and conditions are, click here.

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