Your church's physical front doors are no longer the main first point of entry for people checking out your church; your church's website is. Knowing how important first impressions are, it's imperative that your church website makes a great first impression every single time. In fact, in a study of over 1,000 random church websites, 96% of them failed the first impression test.

More importantly, church leadership often struggles with helping people in their congregation take next steps - whatever that next step is. Announcements and direction are often confusing, with so many entry points and avenues of action. Eliminating that confusion and as many hindrances as possible is also just as important.

That's where Nucleus Web can help! As a Central Hub website, and one that's designed to create a good first impression, with Nucleus you can:

  • Watch engagement increase by switching to a ‘central hub’ website

  • Put an end to people asking “what time was that event again?”

  • Have happier staff and pastors thanks to how easy it is to use Nucleus

With outdated website designs, a lack of mobile device friendliness, and an impersonal approach, most church websites tend to be static “brochure-style” websites that are:

  • Information-heavy & focused on promoting in-person events and services

  • Always a hassle to update & maintain

  • Rarely visited because it lacks everyday use for your congregation

  • Frustrating for potential new visitors - leaving a poor first impression

Being created mobile-first, with a simple but effective design, with the Central Hub Philosophy guiding everything behind what makes Nucleus tick, and with a website builder that's easy and intuitive to use, your website:

  • Provides staff with a pleasant web building experience, not having to struggle with complicated website software

  • Becomes highly-trafficked every day as people take next steps and use your website for online signups beyond Sunday morning

  • Presents a clear path for guests to plan their visit with an effective follow-up plan so no one ever feels overlooked or forgotten

The best part? You can try Nucleus Web for free, no credit card required, on a 30-day trial! Build your Central Hub website, that generates good first impressions, eliminates confusion, enables people to take action and next steps. So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started! 👇 


  • If you haven't yet signed up for a free trial, click here to type in your email and create a password. And that's it! You'll start your free 30-day trial where you can begin to build your Nucleus Web.

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