Think of a website like a house. Without rooms, you don't really have a house. You might have a doorway (your homepage), but you need rooms to complete the house. Think of each webpage like a room to your website. Each one is unique, presents different information, and allows people to take different next steps.

The Pages Panel is a list of all of those pages, giving you an overview of all the rooms you've created to fill your house with. More importantly, the Pages Panel is important for two reasons:

  • It gives you access to edit and change each page's settings.

  • It's the place where you can create new pages.

Before we learn how to build a new page, let's explore how to navigate the Pages Panel.

To access the Pages Panel, from the main menu in your Nucleus Dashboard, hover over Web and click on Pages.

If it's your first time accessing the Pages Panel, your list will be blank, and your only action here is to create a new page, which we will explore in this article.

Otherwise, if you have pages already created, here's what you might see.

View Archived

To remove any unused pages from your list in your Pages Panel, you can archive them. Once they are archived, they will moved to your Archived Panel. Click View Archived to access that. (Click here to learn how to archive a page.)

Create New Page

The Create New Page button does exactly what you think it does: it takes you to where you need to go in order to create a new page. We'll explore how to create a new page in this article.

If you have a long list of pages, it might be easier to search for the title of the page, rather than scrolling through several pages to find the one you're looking for. Click the search bar and begin typing. As you do, Nucleus will filter the pages so only those with the words you type will appear.


The Title column shows all the titles of each of the pages you've created. Click on a title to open up the Page Editor for that particular page. (Click here for more information on the Page Editor.)

Date Created

This column shows the original date each page was created.

Last Modified

This column shows the last time the page was edited.


The Status column shows you whether a page is published for the world to see, or if it has been saved as a draft. To quickly change a page's status, click on a status and select from either Draft or Published in the menu provided.


To quickly duplicate a page, you can use the Duplicate button. This will generate a page that's identical in every way, adding a number after the title to denote that this is not the original version.


In the same way you can click on a page's title, you can click the Edit button to enter the Page Editor for any particular page. (Click here for more information on the Page Editor.)

Now that you understand how to navigate the Pages Panel, let's learn how to start adding rooms to our home, and create a new page!

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