Under Settings in your Nucleus Dashboard, you'll see a link under "Church Settings" called "Announcements". You can click into that and turn on a built-in bar at the very top of your site to alert people to important information.

You can create multiple announcements that you might use regularly (live stream happening, service cancellation, etc.) and save them to easily use later! Then you can just select from one of the announcements you have saved, to make active on your site.

The text styles for the Announcement bar will pull from your Nucleus Typography settings so there's nothing to worry about there! It will match your existing fonts automatically!

You'll be able to easily choose a special color for your announcement bar, and choose the text color used on the announcement bar separate from your theme colors. This allows the most flexibility to make the announcement bar stand out from the rest of your site colors.

Your announcement bar has 3 text areas: Label, Headline, and Call to Action. You can use all of those, or just one of them to meet your needs. This setup is flexible and can help you format and categorize your announcement nicely.

If you like, you can also add a link (URL) to your announcement bar to direct people to a page on your site or somewhere else where they can learn more, or take another next step that's important.

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