Adding a video to your header is a super easy process that we will walk through with you now. To add a video to your homepage header, click settings and under the web section, click homepage. Below the header background image you should see a place to add your header video.

You can paste in a link to Youtube, Vimeo or any hosted .MP4 file to use a video as a looping background in you homepage header. Just a quick heads up that Youtube links aren’t as nice about hiding controls, so we recommend Vimeo or MP4 links if possible.

The process to add a video to a specific page is very similar. Simply hover over web, click pages and select the page for which you want to add a video to the header. Then scroll down to the settings section of the page and you should see a place to add your video.

Do I need to also add a header image if I am using a video?

You can still set a header image and that will be used as the fallback in case your video doesn't load or some people's browsers simply can't display. However, you don't necessarily need to add an image if you don't want to.

What is a hosted .MP4?

You can't simply add an MP4 file to your video header in your Nucleus and it instead needs to be hosted. You can do this a number of different ways such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazion S3, etc. A hosted .MP4 is simply hosting the MP4 on a specific hosting platform.

As a final note, please enjoy responsibly! Just because you might think it looks cool doesn't mean people visiting will appreciate a video background loading/streaming on every page when they're browsing on their iPhone and have limited data.

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