Once you upload and audio file or embed a video URL to your Sermon Engine, you may be wondering how to reorder those items.

Currently, the Sermon Engine automatically orders them to the date they are published.

To change the order your media items appear on your Sermon Engine, simply change the publish date to match the chronological order you desire your items to appear. The more recently an item has been published, the closer to the top the item will appear in the list.

NOTE: This does not apply to reordering media items in a Playlist. To find out how to reorder items in a Playlist, click here.

In this example, we will switch the order of "Hurt By Community" and "Hurt By Authority".

STEP #1: Find The Media Item You Wish To Be Reordered

Navigate to All Media within your Dashboard.

Select the media item you want to change the publish date for.

STEP #2: Change The Publish Date Of Your Media Item

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the calendar feature under Publish Date.

Either use the arrows in the top right corner of the calendar to change months, or if you want to make the publish date for today, click the Now button at the bottom of the calendar.

Select the date on the calendar you wish the new publish date to be. (In this example, we want this media item to appear in front of the "Hurt By Community" item, so we'll put it to be published more recently than that item.)

Once your new publish date is selected, click the "OK" button in the bottom right corner of the calendar.

Click the "Save & Publish" button below to ensure the changes take effect.

Refresh your Sermon Engine homepage and see your media item has been reordered.

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