With the Nucleus Sermon Engine, you can now create your own RSS feed to help you create a podcast for the sermon audio that you've uploaded. You may be wondering, "what the heck is an RSS feed an how does it help me get my podcast on the internet?" Well you've come to the right place 👌

What Is An RSS Feed?

In terms that we can all understand, RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a specifically formatted feed that allows podcast applications to subscribe for syndicated content. This is the feed that your favorite podcast provider will automatically pull your content from!

How Do I Create An RSS Feed?

Creating an RSS feed is made simple with the Nucleus Sermon Engine. In fact, it's so simple that it's automatically generated for you! 

After you've enabled the podcast toggle in your Podcast Settings panel, you'll see an automatically generated URL ending in /feed.rss that looks something like this 👇

Now What Do I Do With This Thing?

Once you've enabled your podcast and generated your feed, simply copy that URL and paste it into your podcast provider of choice!

*DISCLAIMER if you replace an RSS feed from a previous show, all of that previously published content will be replaced.

Specific walkthroughs for 👇
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