Nucleus comes with two different themes that you can choose from: light and dark (yes, think Star Wars).

Each theme framework is identical. The only change has to do with the color and branding scheme.

Below you'll see an example of how each theme appears.

Light Theme

Dark Theme

Choosing Your Nucleus Theme

To choose your Nucleus theme, navigate to your Nucleus Settings page while logged in to your Nucleus account.

Then, in the left sidebar, click 'Branding' under the 'Church' section.

Under the second subheading Website Color Theme, you can choose between dark and light themes.

NOTE: When changing your Nucleus theme, your logo will remain the same. If your logo is dark and you switch to the dark theme, it may not be very visible. Consider changing your logo brightness/color when changing your theme color.

Once you've made your new theme selection, scroll to the bottom of your 'Branding Settings' page, and click the 'Update Settings' button to commit and save the changes to your Nucleus.

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